Wheel of the Year

wheel of the year

The Wheel of the Year is a term used by the Wiccan and Neo-pagan communities for the annual cycle of the Earths Seasons. It is made up of eight festivals, commonly referred to as Sabbats, that celebrate the Sun and the solar year that symbolically tells the story of life, death and rebirth of the God. Just like the Esbats that tell the story of the Goddess's Journey from Maiden, Mother to Crone.
The Eight Sabbats are divided into two categories, The Greater and Lesser Sabbats.
The Lesser Sabbats form the quarter points of the year and when placed on the wheel they form a cross. These Lesser Sabbats are the Equinoxes and the Solstices. So Ostara ~ Spring Equinox, Litha ~ Summer Solstice, Mabon ~ Autumn Equinox, Yule ~ Winter Solstice.
The Greater Sabbats are the Cross Quarter days and are Fire Festivals and they are Imbolc ~ Peak of Winter, Beltane ~ Peak of Spring, Lughnasadh ~ Peak of Summer, Samhain ~ Peak of Autumn.
The most major and more noticeable changes of the seasons is Beltane and Samhain so these tend to be the more important of the Sabbats.

winter solstice


peak of winter


spring equinox


peak of spring


Summer solstice


Peak of summer


autumn equinox


peak of autumn