Rose Quartz Facial

This Facial was featured in Spirit & Destiny magazine July 2017 issue in the Tried and Tested.

The Rose Quartz crystal is traditionally the stone of unconditional love and harmony.  It is renown for its calming and soothing properties which makes it ideal for use in facials.

The special use of Rose Quartz in massage, helps promote cell growth and regeneration of the skin.

Rose quartz is said to help heal the emotional heart by assisting in the release of unexpressed emotions and heartache, and is comforting, calming and reassuring. Strengthening empathy and sensitivity, it helps foster self-love, self-worth, self- forgiveness, acceptance, trust and loving others.

Beauty-wise, the Egyptian goddess Isis apparently rubbed river-tumbled rose quartz over her face in upward motions and around the eyes to help retain her beauty. According to Ayurvedic texts, the radiant energy of warmed rose quartz crystals as they are massaged on the skin, along the energy channels (nadi) and energy points (marmas), replenishes and restores the energy centres within the body. When placed on the correct marma points and chakras, and when warmed and applied to the skin with pure aromatherapy oils, the results are incredible.

At The Hallowed Spiritual Sanctuary we combine facial massage with rose quartz crystal wands to stimulate cell renewal, heal and re-energise the skin while promoting a feeling of well-being.

Rose quartz contains a number of minerals, including iron, magnesium, sodium, manganese and silicium, as well as oxygen. Thanks to the ability to transfer energy, this crystal has a positive effect on body, mind and soul.

Rose quartz promotes a number of skin functions, and is believed to:

• stimulate epidermal circulation

• improve moisture content in the skin

• regulate key skin processes

• maintain the health of the skin flora

• increase skin vitality

All of the products used are Vegan Friendly, Made from all natural materials and blended with pure essential oils.

Cost of this treatment is £45 for 60mins. 

Contact us to book or for any more information.