Animal Reiki

Reiki for animals is a wonderful treatment and reaches every aspect of the mind body and soul, it is a natural  healing energy that they recognise and understand immediately.   Animals store emotions,memories and often with animals that have had an unhappy start in life, those emotions are still stored in their system. They feel fear, grief, loneliness, boredom and compassion. 

Benefits of healing for pets:

It's safe to use for any condition and there are no side effects

It helps to look at mental and emotional levels as well as the physical body

Working with the pets own inner resources helps to achieve balance within their system

It stimulates cellular repair

Helps with pain relief

Can be calming

Can produce an improved sense of well being and an inner feeling of peace

Can help other traditional treatments work more effectively

Examples of when you can use Reiki for your pets:

When your pet is undergoing stress such as moving home or going to kennels, when it appears to be suffering from depression

It offers pain relief for arthritis and joint problems and can also be given when pregnant to sooth pains

can be used on hyperactive animals to calm them down, helps release emotional trauma no matter how long ago it was

Very therapeutic on elderly pets or those with terminal illnesses to help them come to terms with what is happening.