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The Hallowed Grimoire is a working Coven and Academy of Witchcraft set deep in the heart of Essex.

Hallowed was born out of a love for Nature, Magick and Mother Earth - promoting Self Development and Empowerment with an eclectic feel.

We invite you to come and sit a while and discover your magickal self...



From a very young age Rowan has always had an affinity for Nature, Mother Earth & Divination. she has been a practising witch for over 25 years & thanks her mother for allowing her the freedom to explore and develop early in her life, traditions that continue with her own family today.

Rowan was given her first pack of tarot cards when she was 14 and it remains a passion to this day. She has sat in many circles and development groups over the years & is very eclectic in her approach, always ready to listen and see a new perspective.  

Having a head for making sure everybody else is happy and wanting to assist others, Rowan originally had plans to become a lawyer,  However it soon became apparent that there may be another way she could assist and help those around her - something more natural which also allowed her more freedom to be creative & follow her passions

For the past 20 years she has set up and run numerous community centres and groups all over the country. Her love and knowledge of the Earth and the Natural World, People & Community drives her. You will normally find her with a book and a coffee surrounded by notes in various different notebooks as she has a weakness for stationary and is a complete information junkie!

After various challenges and life changing events, Rowan decided to plant roots and settled in Essex. (although northern at heart she will tell you!) With her husband and family, not forgetting Muse the pampered Cat & Luna-Tic the Jack Russell. Now her children have grown, Rowan felt it was time to pursue her dream of crafting, writing & sharing experiences that we have all had in this life and the lessons we have learned.  Autistic Spectrum Disorders is a subject close to her heart as well as the younger Pagan generation having a voice.

Rowan is very much a typical Virgo...


Flynn originally began her journey by studying as a beauty therapy consultant which included learning how to perform a wide range of treatments including manicures, pedicures, make-up, facials, massage and skin care. She then developed her passion for beauty therapies taking her training to the next level, by obtaining a position as a Nail Technician at Selfridges.

At the age of 23, Flynn was diagnosed with having Ovarian Cancer, after surgery and 6 months of intense Chemotherapy, she turned towards looking for a more natural and holistic way of living and learning to manufacture her own natural products free from parabens and harmful chemicals.

Having a varied and in depth interest in anything holistic, wellbeing and Earth based, she started to grow and forage herbs, berries and mushrooms, cooking and making jams, cakes and beverages rather than consuming shop bought produce.

This led her back to all the lessons her grandparents had taught her, her grandfather was a Druid and taught her the magick of nature from a young age, and to a journey of spiritual awareness.

During this transition period Flynn has furthered her knowledge and self development by training in a variety of holistic and spiritual subjects which have included: Reiki Healing, Magickal Studies, Psychic Development, Crystal Healing , Meditation and Yoga.

She has spent a lot of her development sitting in various Psychic and Mediumistic Circles. She is always looking to develop and further her knowledge on any of the subjects that she is passionate about.

Flynn has been using holistic life coaching using The Law of Attraction, Universal Energy and The Law of Manifestation her whole working life to help people realise their potential, to gain confidence and find clarity with realistic, positive and achievable solutions.

Above all she feels being able to offer healing therapies and spiritual balance is her way of giving back to the Universe and to give thanks for being a survivor and making it count.