Holistic Facial Massage

Based on the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Holistic Facial Massage gently stimulates acupressure points through massage of the face, neck and shoulders using a blend of essential oils specially selected for the individual. Chosen oil  combinations are applied through massage, allowing them to sink into and nourish the skin. Both your neck and face and shoulders are massaged to ensure total relaxation throughout the upper part of your body.

A precise method of touch is used over the meridians and their acupressure points which correspond to glands, organs and systems of the body. With fingers and thumbs, pressure is applied to these areas providing gentle stimulation, which together with sculpting techniques, encourages relaxation and relieves stress.

Massage involves working the soft tissue of the body, to ease muscular tension, and promote relaxation. It helps to increase delivery of blood and oxygen to the treated areas and can also be used in support of other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries. Like the rest of your body, the face has a large number of muscles that can get tight and hold on to stress.

Massage may promote the following:

  • Promotes relaxation.
  • It improves the elasticity of the skin and the muscles.
  • Increases blood circulation to the areas being massaged, promoting healing.
  • By stimulating lymphatic drainage, it will help to eliminate toxins.
  • Improves mood and reduces anxiety.
  • Detoxifies the Body.
  • Helps to plump up the delicate facial skin, a natural lifting and firming of the skin occurs.
  • Aids desquamation.
  • Clears congestion.
  • Reduces acne.
  • Brightens the complexion.