Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology is equally as effective as foot reflexology, however in the UK, it is not as well known. There are reflex points on the hands that correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body (equal to the feet), and by using the unique thumb and finger techniques on these reflexes, the body responds by relaxing, rebalancing and improving blood circulation.

It is particularly useful to use when a foot is injured or where a client is unable to elevate their leg. It may also be used for self-help and is often demonstrated by the practitioner to enable the client to use reflexology techniques in-between appointments. Regardless of your health condition, the reflexologist focuses on the entire pattern of the reflexology therapy, a complete reflexology therapy session uses many different techniques and includes all of the points on hands.

By working all of the points, the reflexologist addresses internal organs and glands as well as muscle groups, bones, nerve ganglions (all the chakras and nerves during a session. If you have a specific condition, the reflexologist will carefully feel and work the area corresponding to the presenting problem. However, they will also work all areas of the hand with gentle pressure, because, according to reflexology theories, this allows the nerve pathways and congestion to release and promotes the relaxation response for the entire body.

The first thing to understand is that the reflexologist stimulates the nervous system to do the work of balancing and releasing; it is not the therapist who "fixes" discomfort. In other words, “releasing pain" is not the model; the goal is rather to bring the whole body into balance, and then the pain will subside.