Pagan Deities

A Deity is typically a Natural or Supernatural being that is considered to be sacred or divine.  A Male Deity is a God and a Female Deity, a Goddess.

There is no single Pagan God/Goddess. Some Pagan belief systems have many, whereas some traditions have none at all.  The craft gives you the freedom to pick and honour your own forms of the divine. 

Below is a very brief overview of some different terms in relation to worship:

Polytheism ~ Is a belief in multiple Gods & Goddessses, with each one being unique.  Hidduism, Buddhism & Modern Neo-Pagan religions are good examples of this.  Under Polytheism, is where you will find followers of a Pantheon or a group of Gods.  For example, The Norse, Greek, Roman, Celts, or Egyptian to name but a few.

Duotheism ~ This is a particular form of polytheism focusing on just two deities, With a God as the masculine and Goddess as the feminine.

Monotheism ~ The belief in the existence of one God. for example, Christianity and Judaism. 

Atheism ~ The disbelief in any kind of God. This can apply to Witches who can have no belief whatsoever in any God or Goddess. 

There are lots of Religions and belief systems that come under the Pagan umbrella, some of the most known are; Wicca, Druidism, Asatru, Shamanism, and Native American faiths.  Gods and religion is a complex subject with a vastt amount of information and literally thousands of deities for you to explore and learn about on your chosen pathway.