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  1. Alot has happened since i spoke to you all last. 

    We got a new shop! The Hallowed Emporium.  A pretty little cabin with a veranda nestled in a garden centre, surrounded by flowers and plants everyday ~ Truly bliss. So you can imagine all the running around we have done to get it all open and running. 

    I am still after an old style writing desk and a rocking chair for the porch, because, well comfort! but it is coming along nicely, just dont mention windchimes i think they are sending jo potty (personally i dont think we have enough lol) 

    There is alot of plans coming in the near future and i will make sure i tell you all about them and the antics we get up to along the way! Summer solstice is upon us next week, Sometimes i feel the wheel is turning faster as i get older, it doesnt seem five minutes ago i was in a dear friends sanctuary honouring the Sun. 

    However you are spending the Solstice, i wish you a wealth of blessings and abundance and watch this space!

    warm squishy hugs ~ Rowan