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  1. I love packing a bag and driving over hills and dales to sample new sights and smells and talk to strangers about the weather and how we are currently colder than iceland or other nuggets of information i find fascinating, its right up there along with Mandys addiction to hats...i never knew you could wear two at the same time..anyway i digress. We went on a road trip to the very magical Glastonbury, down past Stonehenge where the traffic is slow enough for passengers to take a picture and marvel at the size, i always feel like the air crackles with mysticism and the fields surrounding harbour memories of a long ago era.

    Arriving in Glastonbury on a late, cold january evening we were met with cosy fireside meals in a haunted public house followed by live music and coffee in another, by the time i got to my bed i was too tired to fight the ladybirds (dont ask! lol)

    I nearly jumped up and down when i found Shieldmaiden down a little side street the following day, Mandy for once blended into the background in her faux fur floor length coat (who knew that was possible, especially when a dog tried to eat it a mere ten minutes before) amazing shop and i had to stop myself from buying a drinking horn as i had promised husband i neeeeeeded a new bag..in hindsight i should have brought it and strode about with my extra long scarf flapping about in the wind toasting random passers by and brandishing my horn like a footballer with the F.A cup. alas. i was being sensible and brought yet another ring to match my 20 others, me swilling mead is most definitely for the warmer weather! 

    All in all we had an awesome mini adventure and i left with bagfuls of books, Chalice Well water, a ton of memories & feeling inspired, energised & full of cake lol. 

    Rowan :)

  2. Today a friend reminded me of something I posted a year ago on Facebook, I had visited a spiritual centre, discussed it with my bestie and a seed was born. A seed that has now turned into our beautiful Hallowed Sanctuary. 

    As I'm driving to work listening to Cold Play thinking of how the universe works, and am delighted that all of our positive thoughts, hard work and manifesting has resulted in the opening of our very own spiritual sanctuary exactly one year later!  

    The sun is shining through the trees, red autumn leaves still remain on the forest floor, my journey to work is exquisite, the music is magical and fills me with love, love for my new life, for my best friend, love for our future at The Hallowed Spiritual Sanctuary together.

    So in less than two days our dream is going to open its doors to welcome you all. We are humbled and truly thankful for all of your well wishes and hope to share a wonderful day with you.

    Love and stuff

    Mandy & Rowan

  3. I've sat here and listened to Mandy rather loudly and with much effort, blow out the masses of candles lit upon our favourite piece of furniture we picked up from the depths of north London on one of our many impromptu road trips...much like the one we went on the day we found The Hallowed, 

    It was late autumn after a summer of suspense waiting for another property so we went on a hunt, and found the perfect little hollow, which we could have the keys to the following week! 

    Much panic ensued as those that know Mandy & I will know we are not conventional - in any shape or form! 

    So fast forward three weeks, I'm surrounded by crystals, tarot, comfy cushions and so much laughter that I was meant to have wrote this in a few minutes...it's actually taken an hour as Mandy was trying to negotiate the new laptop I had forgotten the mouse for!! 


    Rowan x