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Super Blood Wolf Moon

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This weekend has been spent with a flurry of activity, I have reorganised my files, cleared out cupboards and found a stash of empty notebooks I must have collected during last year (I will take it as a sign to write in them lol) I have been super pro-active and I am going to blame it on the upcoming Moon!

The first full moon of the year, Monday 21st January 2019, and it’s going to be a beautiful one. The Super Blood Wolf Moon. 

Bit of a mouthful! 

So, what is it?

A Super Moon is a full moon that appears bigger than normal because it is at its closest point to Earth during its orbit. When the Moon orbits around Earth, it does not do so in a perfect circle; rather it moves in a wobbly elongated circle shape called an elliptical orbit. When the Moon is closer to Earth, it will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than when the Moon is at its furthest distance from Earth.

A Blood Moon is the red tint the moon takes on during a lunar eclipse. During the eclipse, the Earth will come between the Sun and the Moon, so the shadow of our planet is cast entirely across the Moon.  The red comes from the way light from the Sun travels through Earth’s atmosphere, causing it to refract. So, when the light from the Sun hits the Earth, the light splits into a rainbow, very much like how light comes through a prism. Only the red part of the refracted sunlight hits the moon, casting the beautiful yet eerie reddish hue.

A wolf moon is the traditional name for the full moon during January in Native American folklore, and so this moon is being referred to as the super wolf blood moon. However, it can also be called Cold moon, Quiet Moon, Ice Moon, Frost Moon or The Moon after Yule. Or my personal favourite, The Old Moon.

This full moon is all about change and mystery. A perfect time to revaluate your life; what is holding you back? What no longer serves you? And get rid of them. Make change for the better and leave behind what we have outgrown or no longer holds its purpose. The energy of this moon is going to be intense, and if put it to good use, we can harness this energy to set us on the right footing for the year ahead.

Because I live in England and there is an astronomical event happening, obviously there is going to be cloud cover lol, we will be outside down by the river with our intentions doing a spot of Moon basking and releasing with Luna who will be having an early dawn walk.  Whatever your intentions maybe for the coming year, I wish you all well and blessings from my hearth to yours.

Timings for you!! 04.41am GMT is the start with the peak at 05.15am ending at 5.45am.blood moon

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