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Blood Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse

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To say I was looking forward to the energy of this Moon was an understatement. Anything that promotes drastic change can be exciting, even for a Virgo set in her ways. 

A full Blood Moon in Aquarius, Total Lunar Eclipse, with a retrograde sprinkled on for good measure! The longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century I have read, causing change in our lives whether we are ready for it or not. Even though we knew it was coming, it has reminded me of the Tower card in Tarot. Its going to hurt, but its for the best. Even today in 34 degree heat, I can feel the flames practically licking around my ankles as I walk outside, praying for the lightning that the weather app on my phone has been promising me all week. The only thing missing is I haven't fallen out the window... Although I did slip in the kitchen...who knew flip flops wasn't the best attire to wear when you get out of the paddling pool and go traipsing into the kitchen for a Calypso. 

With this being a very emotionally charged eclipse, our shadow selfs are going to have a field day, dragging out to play in this heat all of our repressed feelings and emotions... oh joy!

My day yesterday went a little something like this...

Something I really wanted to happen did not go to plan, frustration and self doubt kicked in, ending in a rather tearful phonecall to someone dear to me, who had to pull over and stop in a layby to give me a reality check and put my pieces back together. Now as hard as that is for me to admit, once upon a time I would have swallowed what I was feeling and it would have turned into seething self hatred and I would have just given up. So the fact I was able to successfully communicate how I was feeling and how shitty I think certain things can be in life is a big plus for how much shadow work I have actually done. As for the thing that set me off? It will happen, because I will make it happen. A colossal change it will be as well!

So on that note, Happy Full Moon! I'm off to get back in the pool, moon bathe and get up to some general witchery tonight ~ However you're spending the evening, light up those candles and look to the sky ~

Much Mischief



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