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"The Thirteen Goals of a Witch"

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The Thirteen Goals of a Witch

1) Know Thyself

2) Know Thy Craft

3) Learn

4) Apply Knowledge with Wisdom

5) Achieve Balance

6) Keep your words in Good Order

7) Keep your Thoughts in Good Order

8) Celebrate Life

9) Attune with the Cycles of Earth

10) Breathe and Eat Correctly

11) Exercise the Body

12) Meditate

13) Honour the Goddess and God


The Thirteen Goals of a Witch you will find in Scott Cunnigham's popular book "Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner" which i think was amongst the first books on eclectic wicca back in the late 80's If you type it into google, various little designs come up, it is shared everywhere, across many different forms of social media.  Lots of webpages are dedicated to it which is awesome if you are a Wiccan Witch and it helps you on your path.


To me, it should say "The Thirteen Goals of a Wiccan Witch"

I am a Witch. I have goals. None that currently require me to exercise haha! Also, Honour the Goddess and God is not for every Witch, So why is the Title so vague? Keeping my thoughts in good order is an absurbed request and as for breathing correctly? Shit. I may have been breathing wrong all these years as i missed that lesson. Eat correctly, while in theory i agree, we shouldn't be slaughtering animals for any reason etc. When i read this im transported back to the last mini tub of Ice-cream i scoffed, or that midnight raid for the cakes that i ate in the dark with only the stars for witnesses.

So, because it was not for me, i adapted it to fit my Craft  

13 Goals Of A Witch

1) Know Yourself -  You are your most powerful tool.

2) Know Your Craft and Use it  -  You can't get everything from reading alone.

3) Eternal Education - You will always be learning and gaining different perspective.

4) Use Knowledge with Wisdom - If knowledge is power, wisdom is your choice to use that power. 

5) Be Balanced. - Accept your Shadow self. Own it. 

6) Speak your Truth - Your opinion is just as valid as anyone else's

7) Think. - In any order.

8) Celebrate Life - All of it, even wasps.

9) Acknowledge the Cycles of the Earth, Moon, Stars & Sun - Celebrate it however you see fit.

10) Trust your Intuition - Quit with the self doubt. 

11) Look after Yourself - You cannot give from an empty cup. be L'Oreal. You're worth it

12) Align with Whatever Floats your Boat - If anything or all of it, Nature, Diety, Angels, Aliens.

13) Don't Compare Yourself to Other Witches -  A hard thing to do, but their journey is not yours.


Not Complete different, but it fits me better, my literal Autistic brain isn't buzzing at the thought of not eating, breathing or thinking correctly anymore. Have a go, what would you change? if anything at all? 


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