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One Year later.

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It has been just over a year since the Hallowed opened its doors to the public, nestled among trees on the outskirts of the very trendy Brentwood in Essex.

However, this was not where we were on the year's end.

Gather round my pretties, Grab a brew and get comfy, I shall explain.

Opening a bricks and mortar shop is one of the most mentally challenging things i have done to date. Metaphysical shops most of the time have a short shelf life, So we knew that we wanted to start somewhere and get a feel of the industry from the other side of the counter, we had grand plans but we both knew we had to try this way first.  What we were not fully ready for and im going to be brutally honest, is the absolute "claws out" mentality we came across over and over again. The clicks. The half-truths, the folks who have absolutely no idea what they are doing, so will try to destroy all the competition around them gaining customers like a car crash gains rubberneckers. Bit of advice for you, morbid curiosity runs out and they drive on, so will your client base when they realise the only thing your proficient at is gossip. I've seen the end of friendships, newbies get ignored by the queen bee's then people wonder why the events dwindle in numbers.  I've seen lightworkers smile to people's faces only to go home and spout vile hatred about the very same person. 

This was unsettling. Six months into project Spiritual Sanctuary, we realised in trying to appeal to the masses and go softly softly. Neither of us enjoyed it anymore. ( i even went natural on the hair colour and wore beige i shit you not ) We were opinionated, grey, loud, fiery forces of nature, hiding who we really were because we were told that people wouldn't like it.  "So What?!?"  This took us six months to realise and some special people helping along the way.

I believe you meet people for a reason, every one of them has something to teach us, or remind us of things we have forgotten. Not all of these people you will get along with, but that doesn't make their contribution to your life's tapestry any less important. It was a person i did not like that taught me the biggest lesson this year. Which sent me on a voyage of self discovery and some serious magick which has resulted in us leaving Brentwood. All helped along with naked baptism at Chalice well with a bunch of soul sisters, Shooting stars that caused neck cramps and fires outside yurts with the smell of nag champa in the air. We Crafted for our goals, discussed our dreams, I think its no accident that the soul sisters have all relocated in varying degrees, from the East to the West within months.  As for The Hallowed?

Well, It is now the Hallowed Grimoire, My passion has always been Witchcraft, books and people. Ive always wanted to share, inspire and empower those who i resonate with, even with those i don't, hence my background in community work which i loved. I will be writing, teaching and mentoring all over the place next year, with help from Vex who you are soon to meet.   Flynn, always the nature lover has found a grove of her very own and will be wowing us with her new ventures when she is settled into the West Country. 

So thank you to everyone we have met this year, we havent regretted a second of it. so excited for the future i could pee. thank you to the universe, my mother, my grandmother and all the people that made my blood boil, without you, i may not have been so driven.  

Stay Magickal 



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  1. Jay from Inspiral (Essex Witches)

    Love this piece - especially ?I wore grey - I shit you not? lol. Rowan my love, never look for love and light, as it is a pseudonym for scratch and bite. I believe, having been bitten too many times, and still been dumb enough to go back for more, that the way to go is to rise above it all, and be your own woman. And I know that neither of you will have a problem doing this. I can?t wait for you to start teaching with Inspiral next year, and am excited to see what else you get up to ! As for Mandy - we?ve had our scuffles in the past, largely generated by the same scratch and bite bunch, and it?s a shame, as I now realise I missed out on spending time with someone special. I hope to rectify that by sussing out a travelodge near you, and being a bloody nuisance once you are settled. Sisters, all is good, all is well Blessings, Jay ???

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