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All Hallow's Eve... I love it, the purple, orange and black decorations hit the stores in september which seems to be earlier every passing year but i adore it.  Its the one time i find knick knacks and curiosites in which i can decorate my home with for the whole upcoming year! Lets face it 'Witch Kitsch' isnt easy to come by during the month of April.

This year is going to be slighty different.  Divination has taken over and im working so i am going to miss the army of under 12's banging on the door for their sweets.  i'm slighty sad about this fact, and i'm not overly fond of children, nor do i normally answer my door, but for this one night, i make an exception.   I liken it too the traditional New Years resolution, the one we all have about the gym, "This year im going to get fit" well...i have never achieved that, one reason could be im sat here scoffing sweets at 3am!  As i see Samhain as my New Year, much like the early Celtic traditions i start with good intentions and the obvious rebirth into a functioning member of society "This year im going to be more friendly, approachable, warm and fluffy, or whatever emotion fueled word you care to insert" I can guarantee, by mid November im slamming my door and grumbling about how much i loathe a multitude of things. 

Now you know, i buy into the commercialism and love the spirit of the holiday, regardless of how you spend it, i do not see the harm in celebrating this time of year, regardless of your beliefs or lack of, i dont see it as disrespectful when peoples ideas of the season differ from my own, nor do i school them on it, unless asked of course lol. 

So what will i be doing? 

A tradition in my home is a Dumb Supper, where we leave out a plate for our ancestors that have gone before, We eat in silence and then bury their potion outside in the earth. 

Apple bobbing is always a favourite, probably because i lose, think its because im a not so gracious winner haha! When i was a child we used to peel the apple we got and throw the skin over our shoulder and the letter it resembled was your futures husbands first name inital. i was always rubbish at it, as it fell like a limp line, whilst my friends had beautiful patterns and curves. I married a man with L as an inital. turns out i was a pro!!!

Fire is a must for me, I love sitting outside in the cold, watching the flames dancing under the stars, to some they keep the fire burning all night long. However, i give in to home comforts by 1am and sneak inside to light a candles instead. I spend some time in my sacred space, pottering about and dealing with my focus at the time, be it spellcrafting or journalling, as its rare to see me without a notepad or book.

Samhain is a perfect time for Scrying and other forms of divination, and as im out tomorrow night doing that very thing i have a packed day tomorrow, I saw my sisters tonight, hence why i am up so late munching sweets!

However you chose to spend Samhain, I wish you a magickal night.

from my hearth to yours



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