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Where to begin. 

It started on a cold day in September, we had formulated a plan, discussed both the pro's and con's, speculated the outcomes. The one way to see if it could come into fruition was too buckle up the hobnails and dust off the brooms, we were going on a trip, to Somerset. 

When i think of Somerset i think about my nan, My youth, of a school no longer there, replaced by the new builds of an ever growing society, and Glastonbury, with its energy and magical undercurrent. Not forgetting the crappy bottle neck past the Stones of the Ancients. But one thing i never grow tired of seeing is the green fields, rolling mists and beautiful villages that pepper the landscape, it seems a world apart from the concrete smog filled hustle and bustle of the area in which we currently find ourselves.

We loaded the Broom, took a familar and off we set to explore Somerset, The sun was red that day due to the dust from the sahara and the hurricanes blowing a gale, which gave the sky a unusual tinge, like the one you get before a snow storm this only seem to excite us more! We landed in a place called Watchet, with its beautiful harbour and twinkling lights over the sea, when we got to the cottage i looked out of the window and saw to my delight, fields of sheep, hills and pasture as far as the eye could see, not a soul in sight, Just us and the arse end of the hurricane. Bliss.

Over the next week we visited every Village, drove through every hamlet, battled numerous tractors, met friendly barstaff that handed out dog biscuits to every wagging tail. We went north, south, east and west on our quest for the holy grail. Meeting some stunning souls along the way.

What i learnt.

Not everyone can open a sandwich correctly. You can turn the car into a media haven that would not look out of place in a spaceship. Takeaway coffee cup lids can be complicated, There is pineapple puree served with dinner not desert.  Pictures are deceiving. roadsigns and speedlimits are clearly only meant for me. My SatNav is useless. There are too many 'Back' Lanes. I love stone buildings, Tractor drivers understand Portuguese sign language. I can confuse left and right after a while. My insomnia is area related lol. Fibre Optic broadband is not country wide. Everytime i turned on the TV provided, Jeremy Kyle was on. 

After seeing all we could, we chose rush hour, on a friday the schools break up for half term to return to the concrete jungle. with colourful language we hit the M25 carpark wondering what the hell were we doing coming back. 


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