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Well. Tonight after circle, minding my own business a beast the size of a dragon flew through the open door, which caused a squealing fest and resulting in me shutting myself in the spider realm ( toilet ) after much "ado" Mandy Flynn was heroic and using the power of the feathered top hat, and karmic eating book or something bestowed with the power of archangels themselves removed the offending mythological creature and cast him out into the dark abyss. Where he ( clearly a man, no sense of direction) joined his winged compadres trying to smash their way into the Hallowed. ( probably to flirt ) I took a photo they were that brazen ???? I fear I can only go to work in an all out bee suit, ( or coat of armour if anyone has one laying around)

Turns out they are female, google taught me that the girls have 6 feathered antenna, whereas the males have seven. what disturbs me most is the Mediumship circle leader suddenly turned into Photographer extraordinaire which was what unleashed the kraken in the first place!



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