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The result of Manifesting

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Today a friend reminded me of something I posted a year ago on Facebook, I had visited a spiritual centre, discussed it with my bestie and a seed was born. A seed that has now turned into our beautiful Hallowed Sanctuary. 

As I'm driving to work listening to Cold Play thinking of how the universe works, and am delighted that all of our positive thoughts, hard work and manifesting has resulted in the opening of our very own spiritual sanctuary exactly one year later!  

The sun is shining through the trees, red autumn leaves still remain on the forest floor, my journey to work is exquisite, the music is magical and fills me with love, love for my new life, for my best friend, love for our future at The Hallowed Spiritual Sanctuary together.

So in less than two days our dream is going to open its doors to welcome you all. We are humbled and truly thankful for all of your well wishes and hope to share a wonderful day with you.

Love and stuff

Mandy & Rowan

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