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Adventure to a New Venture...

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I've sat here and listened to Mandy rather loudly and with much effort, blow out the masses of candles lit upon our favourite piece of furniture we picked up from the depths of north London on one of our many impromptu road trips...much like the one we went on the day we found The Hallowed, 

It was late autumn after a summer of suspense waiting for another property so we went on a hunt, and found the perfect little hollow, which we could have the keys to the following week! 

Much panic ensued as those that know Mandy & I will know we are not conventional - in any shape or form! 

So fast forward three weeks, I'm surrounded by crystals, tarot, comfy cushions and so much laughter that I was meant to have wrote this in a few minutes...it's actually taken an hour as Mandy was trying to negotiate the new laptop I had forgotten the mouse for!! 


Rowan x

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  1. Andrea Onslow

    All sounds wonderful! Typical Mandy behaviour and I cannot wait to see you both there ?

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