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  1. Bioenergetics Resonance Medicine

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    Recently I have had to admit that my love of cappuccino, sweet treats, and all things unhealthy needed to be addressed.  This was how i realised i'm wider than a Yoga mat.

    I am not a foodie. But a few of my closest friends are..the ones who keep fresh dough in the fridge just incase someone drops over for tea and they want to whip up a batch of muffins or scones while the kettle is boiling. Or invite you for lunch and you talk shop over the chopping of vegetables for a soup or healthy smoothie. If you came to mine for lunch, I would either grab my keys and we head for the nearest pub or eatery, or much swearing would ensue while I wrestled with the tin opener. Dont get me wrong, I can cook, but I would much rather do something, anything else. 

    So a few weeks ago, I had found myself in a health food shop in the depths of Somerset, gripping a metal pole that was going to tell me about my food intolerance. I had been putting this off for a few years because knowing you can't have something and someone telling you that you can't is too very different things. 

    Bioenergetics Resonance Medicine is what this was, a machine developed in germany which is able to measure changes in the body's resistance which helps pinpoint potentially harmful foods. apparently. with an accuracy of 75-85%. Well, I went in with an attitude of it being 100% bullshit, but will admit I maybe wrong. begrudgingly. 

    After filling in a questionnaire and general health form, my therapist led me to a room and explained the process, went over my medical history and explained the machine to me. It used a series of vials and a metal prong that she pressed on one of the acupuncture points in my finger, the machine made a strange sound if it was something I was sensitive too. It was interesting to say the least. The results I recieved are as follows:

    I have to avoid..prepare yourselves, as i nearly passed out. Dairy, Sugar, Yeast, no Mushrooms, no Apples, Oranges, Bananas or Grapes, no fizzy drinks. No COFFEE. no monosodium glutamate (E621)


    Now, for a vegetarian that doesn't cook and has an unhealthy obsession with Costa this spells disaster. For the next eight weeks I have to avoid all this, then I can slowly start to reintroduce them one at a time back into my diet.

    I did leave there, after about an hour, clutching my Guidebook and a meal plan with suggestions with what i could eat all enclosed, which my friends took with some glee i may add, the very minute it was within grabbing range. You could see behind their eyes all the different ways they planned to get kale and antioxidents into my diet.

    Fast forward two weeks, I'm in sunny Essex munching on rice cakes when i had this insane notion to do some yoga. now, let me tell you I spent a whole hour watching beginner yoga video when I realised i was too crippled with sugar to get into the poses and that I needed to find a yoga video for my body type, you know the sort, cake eating type with grown up children, looks smashing in lycra in the dark..underneath pajamas and a duvet. sooooo, I spent another hour watching that video. In all it was a two hour session in which I raised my arms above my head for a stretch, wondered if instead of a yoga mat whether or not I could just use my mattress while it was still on the bed, and where to get these blocks everyone was talking about?

    Well, for the next few days yoga went completely out of my head. Until I came face to face with the fitness section in Tesco. I picked the mat up, they are really light, not sure how its going to protect my knees from the floor but ok, then i put it width ways. what the hell! if I were to put my hands apart level with my shoulders i'm wider than the yoga mat! Was it designed for children? Is it there to offer complimentary cushioning for my chin when my arms fail me? Do they come in 'Made bad choices in the dessert aisle size?'  I'm now on the hunt for a decent sized yoga mat, So if anyone knows of any, give me a shout!

    All this has done is kick-start me into the healthier lifestyle I know I should be leading. I drink more water, I am thinking about what im choosing to eat, I am reading labels on packaging, I have become addicted to hummous, celery still tastes vile. I feel better than I did, so for that reason, I would recommend it. 



  2. Toucan ~ Minehead

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    Toucan Wholefoods nestled in the centre of Minehead was one of the highlights of my trip there last week. 

    On quick glance you could be forgiven into thinking it was just a wholefood shop, full of Organic vegetables and suppliments, gluten free scones ( i brought some, forgot about them, went like bricks!)which being a veggie i love anyway, but i noticed a Reiki poster on the door the first time i was in Minehead running to the Costa at the top of the high street, because, well i had been trying to convince myself that i could get by on caffeine free and failed miserably and was going to combust if i didnt have a cappucino soon and being late sunday the Toucan was shut. So fast forward to last week..

    I had arrived in Minehead to kill time before i was to meet a friend in her new house and decided to go and check out this Toucan looking for a loaf of Sourdough and some vegan friendly cake. As i was walking up the high street I went into a small bookshop as it had a tarot talk advertised on the front door, and a lovely lady battling to keep the outside books dry from the british rain and damp air with what looked like a pram cover, which is about as flexible as a plank of 2x4 wood, (I came up against them years ago when my kids were small and lost.) It turned out this lady (Margaret) was doing the talk for two hours if not longer for £3 up at the Toucan, after a lengthy chat about cards in general and the promise to keep in touch she recommended that I went up and had a coffee and a bite to eat in the café that they had upstairs and have a look at the community board they had for other Spiritual and holistic offerings that my friend and i could be potentially interested in. 

    There is a side door I hadn't noticed which was attached to the shop on the right hand side, you could enter the hallway from either the wholefood shop or the street into a foyer which housed a huge community board covered in leaflets, cards and posters covering threatre shows to clinical psychology, Reiki to Angels and everything inbetween.  Stairs, (not a fan but worth the climb), upto the first floor where there was the kitchen and three large rooms, two had the usual cafe style table and chairs and another housing comfy sofas and soft lighting. i picked the first room, painted in sunny yellow and was awash with colour and vibrancy i nearly felt like a void of black sweeping into the sunny room of cheer! I sat in the corner as well...im funny about where i sit, aspergers and all that! i ordered my food, a Cheese and onion sandwich and a large cappucino (hahaha) which when it arrived was the size of my head. for £2.85 amazing, kept both hands warm from the cold and i swear probably used the entire contents of a kettle boil! the sandwich when it arrived was huge, on doorstop bread with a colourful side salad arranged like a posh chef had done it. i didnt get a fork because you know, a sandwich, so i didnt end up eating it, shame really the coleslaw looked amazing with celery, different types of leaves (cant tell you which im not a foodie lol) and carrot, cucumber and tomato. it was at this point i noticed as well as every herbal tea known to mankind i could get a large glass of organic prosecco for £4,25! Their menu was stocked to the rafters with gluten free, vegan options, and it had a lovely homely feel i could of stayed there all day.

    We, My friend and I went back a few days later for yet another vat of coffee and Vegan carrot cake, where the owner, Sally showed us the therapy rooms available to hire above the café useful for all your holistic and spiritual needs. 

    It is no surprise that Toucan wholefoods has won Best Food Shop of vegetarian and Vegans, and a Best Independent Retailer Award, as well as awesome reviews on trip advisor. 

    I throughly recommend checking out their website and visiting when in the area, there is much to see around Exmoor and West Somerset but for now this is my new favourite place there!