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    feedspot award


    Last month I got the surprise of my life when opening up my Facebook. I must admit, I did a little squeee and danced about in my strippy socks. 

    Feedspot, which is the best place on the net to keep up with all of your favourite websites and find new ones, all in one place,  had included us in one of their categories!


    We came Number 7 on the Top 10 UK Witchcraft Blogs! 

    Which means we get to add the medal to our page, which is why it takes pride of place on our Home page! 

    There are some awesome blogs that we are nestled amongst, So i would like to tip my wide brimmed hat to all of you giving the blog a read!

    Many Thanks to both Feedspot & You 



  2. photo-1485277068030-a29993c5d5f2

    The sun is shining its a balmy sort of day. The sort of day where you could potter around the garden seeing to your flowers or plants, sipping a lemonade under a wide brimmed hat while your cat lazily stretches in the patch of early morning sun. Butterflies and honey bees zipping from bloom to bloom without a care in the world. the faint hint of lavender and roses fills the air with possibilities and memories. 

    Well not for me, My reality would be far less zen.  I'd be yelling at the cat to get out of the planter, the dog would chucking toys at me, the garden chairs are so not comfy, my parasol got destroyed so i would be squinting. Every buzz would place me on high alert, a bug would take a dip in my tea. I would realise i really need to clean my windows, and why can my son grow a better plant than I out of the guttering three floors up? The dog a couple of doors down will kick off and set off everyone elses and i'm highly allergic to small children, of which i'm surrounded by. Think i may just stay in today and catch up with some writing!

    We cannot be good at everything...

    I do not have green fingers.

    Infact i can get away with perfectly deliciously decorated talons for quite some time!  This Witch is shit at gardening. I start off with the best of intentions, flower beds, borders and pots a plenty, however, I have to plant ready made flowers, i have hardly any patience for long term seed sowing habits. Instant gratification. Right now. Or things that can be planted and forgotten about is also appealing. I did kill mint once, which i heard was near on impossible. But, if its nettles your after? I am a pro. 

    My husband, after much badgering made me a huge raised bed to plant things in without having to bend down. Do you know what happened? I found Luna trying to dig to china in it, and one of my cats sees it as some sort of regal cat litter tray. The only thing in my garden currently is a rosemary ( doing well as i brought it last week ) a lavender plant holding on for dear life because I put too much in the wrong sized pot.  To add some colour, I brought a load of wooden flowers and stuck them in pots that wont attact anything that flies. oh yes, anything with unclear routes of movement gets one witchy eye on them at all times. However, I cannot get enough of windchimes, bells and pinwheels which i have everywhere, My garden probably looks like it was put together in the dark for a childrens TV show..It will still look like it under snowfall as well! Hahaha! minimum upkeep, maximum colour!

    Now dont get me wrong, Woods, forests, nature trails, Love them,  I absolutely adore flowers and herbs, foraging i enjoy, but can i grow them? No. Can I be even arsed to try? Also Nope. 

    My saviour in all this is my closest friend, she has a garden to die for, and even when she didnt, there were herbs hanging in every available space, all manner of vegetables growing in perfectly kept allotments. fresh home grown produce on the kitchen sides with a batch of homemade soup on the stove. The absolute complete opposite to me and that is ok,  Yes, i do get a fair amount of my herbs home grown from the exmoor hills by the talented green fingered friend of mine!  Our talents both lie in different areas, not all witchcraft is the same, nor would we want it too be.

    Do not think you have to be good at everything,  focus on what you are good at, what brings you joy, what brings out the witch in you? Today I'm going to sit and drink nettle tea, (the one thing i have an abundance of) Make a incense blend for the Summer solstice gathering and finish writing a manual ive been putting off. 

    However you are spending today, make it Magickal

    Love a very indoorsy 


    p.s The picture above is clearly not my hands Lmao!




  3. moon4

    Last night the heat in my office felt like I was dancing in the actual flames of a Beltane bonfire, so much so that i passed out practically hugging the oscillating fan on my emergency sofa that is here for when i get so absorbed in writing i fall asleep pen, ipad, laptop in hand.

    So you can imagine my sheer delight when I awoke to the sky the same shade as the footpaths which out of my window, constantly remind me that I don't live in the middle of a forest and my house isn't made of gingerbread.  Before I had even had my first sip of Earl Grey, it was hammering it down, lightening was blinding my bleary eyes and the first clap of thunder had me thundering down the stairs and out into the garden like a wailing banshee. I love a storm, Luna the Jack Russell cross, less so. Luna sat looking at me like I was deranged from the saftey of the doorstep...four glorious hours of dark clouds, lashings of rain and a side order of Gods moving their furniture about (Thank my mother for that wisdom ~ during a rather epic storm of biblical proportions in Germany when I was a small witchling and clearly thinking it was the end of the world)

    I spent the day catching up on writing, and drinking so much tea im sure bergamot was seeping out of my pores. which got me thinking, I have bottles of water hidden everywhere in my lair, Storm water, Chalice Well water (Red & White) War water, Rain water, Sea water, Moon water, to name but a few. There is a slight possibility my Virgo tendencies to collect and organise and have everything just when I need it, may have got out of hand and because I'm always asked why im running about in the rain with buckets, or lunging into moving water to capture the energies and will confess to maybe yelling "Get the bowls out!!!" whenever i speak to a fellow sister of the craft and its pissing down.

    Here is what you could be using various waters for in your spellwork:

    Rain Water:~ The white candle of water, all purpose but great for growth and rebirth ~ i use this for   cleansing as well as im always flinging myself outside in it. 

    Moon Water:~ Personal development, Healing, Annointing, Blessings, Activating a spell, Charging Crystals. Initiations.

    Snow Water:~ Purity, Endings and Change, Spells that take time to bear fruit. 

    Dew Water:~ Glamour or Beauty Spells, Love, Fertility and the Fae.

    River Water:~ Warding, Fast moving Spells, Cleansing, Powering up tools, Focusing energy.

    Storm Water:~ Emotional strength, Force, Confidence, Spell booster and Cursing. 

    Sea Water: ~ Healing & Cleansing, Protection and Banishing.

    War Water/Mars Water:~ All manner of Mayhem or Positivity. Dependant on the Witch. 

    Waters can be added to sprays, ritual baths, jar and bottle spells, floral waters and crystal elixirs to name but a few. I will do a complete page on waters in the future, So keep your eyes peeled if you are interested!

    It has got late here at the Hallowed and tonight is the Full Moon! So we're off out to catch some rays and make a little magick under the stars. Happy Moonbathing! 

    p.s Take a bowl..we are due rain!

    Rowan x




  4. Recently I have had to admit that my love of cappuccino, sweet treats, and all things unhealthy needed to be addressed.  This was how i realised i'm wider than a Yoga mat.

    I am not a foodie. But a few of my closest friends are..the ones who keep fresh dough in the fridge just incase someone drops over for tea and they want to whip up a batch of muffins or scones while the kettle is boiling. Or invite you for lunch and you talk shop over the chopping of vegetables for a soup or healthy smoothie. If you came to mine for lunch, I would either grab my keys and we head for the nearest pub or eatery, or much swearing would ensue while I wrestled with the tin opener. Dont get me wrong, I can cook, but I would much rather do something, anything else. 

    So a few weeks ago, I had found myself in a health food shop in the depths of Somerset, gripping a metal pole that was going to tell me about my food intolerance. I had been putting this off for a few years because knowing you can't have something and someone telling you that you can't is too very different things. 

    Bioenergetics Resonance Medicine is what this was, a machine developed in germany which is able to measure changes in the body's resistance which helps pinpoint potentially harmful foods. apparently. with an accuracy of 75-85%. Well, I went in with an attitude of it being 100% bullshit, but will admit I maybe wrong. begrudgingly. 

    After filling in a questionnaire and general health form, my therapist led me to a room and explained the process, went over my medical history and explained the machine to me. It used a series of vials and a metal prong that she pressed on one of the acupuncture points in my finger, the machine made a strange sound if it was something I was sensitive too. It was interesting to say the least. The results I recieved are as follows:

    I have to avoid..prepare yourselves, as i nearly passed out. Dairy, Sugar, Yeast, no Mushrooms, no Apples, Oranges, Bananas or Grapes, no fizzy drinks. No COFFEE. no monosodium glutamate (E621)


    Now, for a vegetarian that doesn't cook and has an unhealthy obsession with Costa this spells disaster. For the next eight weeks I have to avoid all this, then I can slowly start to reintroduce them one at a time back into my diet.

    I did leave there, after about an hour, clutching my Guidebook and a meal plan with suggestions with what i could eat all enclosed, which my friends took with some glee i may add, the very minute it was within grabbing range. You could see behind their eyes all the different ways they planned to get kale and antioxidents into my diet.

    Fast forward two weeks, I'm in sunny Essex munching on rice cakes when i had this insane notion to do some yoga. now, let me tell you I spent a whole hour watching beginner yoga video when I realised i was too crippled with sugar to get into the poses and that I needed to find a yoga video for my body type, you know the sort, cake eating type with grown up children, looks smashing in lycra in the dark..underneath pajamas and a duvet. sooooo, I spent another hour watching that video. In all it was a two hour session in which I raised my arms above my head for a stretch, wondered if instead of a yoga mat whether or not I could just use my mattress while it was still on the bed, and where to get these blocks everyone was talking about?

    Well, for the next few days yoga went completely out of my head. Until I came face to face with the fitness section in Tesco. I picked the mat up, they are really light, not sure how its going to protect my knees from the floor but ok, then i put it width ways. what the hell! if I were to put my hands apart level with my shoulders i'm wider than the yoga mat! Was it designed for children? Is it there to offer complimentary cushioning for my chin when my arms fail me? Do they come in 'Made bad choices in the dessert aisle size?'  I'm now on the hunt for a decent sized yoga mat, So if anyone knows of any, give me a shout!

    All this has done is kick-start me into the healthier lifestyle I know I should be leading. I drink more water, I am thinking about what im choosing to eat, I am reading labels on packaging, I have become addicted to hummous, celery still tastes vile. I feel better than I did, so for that reason, I would recommend it. 



  5. The Thirteen Goals of a Witch

    1) Know Thyself

    2) Know Thy Craft

    3) Learn

    4) Apply Knowledge with Wisdom

    5) Achieve Balance

    6) Keep your words in Good Order

    7) Keep your Thoughts in Good Order

    8) Celebrate Life

    9) Attune with the Cycles of Earth

    10) Breathe and Eat Correctly

    11) Exercise the Body

    12) Meditate

    13) Honour the Goddess and God


    The Thirteen Goals of a Witch you will find in Scott Cunnigham's popular book "Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner" which i think was amongst the first books on eclectic wicca back in the late 80's If you type it into google, various little designs come up, it is shared everywhere, across many different forms of social media.  Lots of webpages are dedicated to it which is awesome if you are a Wiccan Witch and it helps you on your path.


    To me, it should say "The Thirteen Goals of a Wiccan Witch"

    I am a Witch. I have goals. None that currently require me to exercise haha! Also, Honour the Goddess and God is not for every Witch, So why is the Title so vague? Keeping my thoughts in good order is an absurbed request and as for breathing correctly? Shit. I may have been breathing wrong all these years as i missed that lesson. Eat correctly, while in theory i agree, we shouldn't be slaughtering animals for any reason etc. When i read this im transported back to the last mini tub of Ice-cream i scoffed, or that midnight raid for the cakes that i ate in the dark with only the stars for witnesses.

    So, because it was not for me, i adapted it to fit my Craft  

    13 Goals Of A Witch

    1) Know Yourself -  You are your most powerful tool.

    2) Know Your Craft and Use it  -  You can't get everything from reading alone.

    3) Eternal Education - You will always be learning and gaining different perspective.

    4) Use Knowledge with Wisdom - If knowledge is power, wisdom is your choice to use that power. 

    5) Be Balanced. - Accept your Shadow self. Own it. 

    6) Speak your Truth - Your opinion is just as valid as anyone else's

    7) Think. - In any order.

    8) Celebrate Life - All of it, even wasps.

    9) Acknowledge the Cycles of the Earth, Moon, Stars & Sun - Celebrate it however you see fit.

    10) Trust your Intuition - Quit with the self doubt. 

    11) Look after Yourself - You cannot give from an empty cup. be L'Oreal. You're worth it

    12) Align with Whatever Floats your Boat - If anything or all of it, Nature, Diety, Angels, Aliens.

    13) Don't Compare Yourself to Other Witches -  A hard thing to do, but their journey is not yours.


    Not Complete different, but it fits me better, my literal Autistic brain isn't buzzing at the thought of not eating, breathing or thinking correctly anymore. Have a go, what would you change? if anything at all?